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A safe and comfortable place to live

MRS is committed to ensuring that our environment is a safe and comfortable place for everyone to live. Here are some of the ways in which we work to achieve this:

  • Disability – Monash is committed to promoting access and equity for students who have a disability or long-term medical condition – see the Disability Liaison Unit or additional information. MRS has a policy of indiscernible accessibility and inclusion for all our residents.
  • Bullying – Bullying is a socially unacceptable way to behave. Bullying is quite common and can revolve around age, sexuality, culture, gender, or religion. If you are being bullied you may be feeling rejected and depressed. If you are being bullied or someone you know is being bullied, you should take action. Maybe you could try and get some help – or ask someone for advice on what to do. Try speaking to the person that is doing the bullying and let them know that it is not okay. Monash University has zero tolerance towards bullying – here is some further information and support.
  • Peer pressure – Although, at times it seems harmless, peer pressure can easily escalate into something major. Peer pressure involves influencing someone to do something they are not comfortable doing. To feel socially accepted we may in fact to do something that we would not ordinarily do. If you feel uncomfortable in any situation, the simple solution is to just say “NO”€. People should not judge you for sticking up for yourself. If they do, they are not worth being friends with – and they are not behaving in a way we expect residents of MRS to behave.
  • Cultural diversity – There are many people from many different societies and cultures that learn and live at Monash. As you are part of this multicultural university, make yourself aware of the other residents you are sharing your University experience with. Within such a diverse group of people, you should be aware that there are differences; some of these differences include language, dress and actions. In order to maintain a happy society, be sure to respect the way in which others live.

For information about Monash University’s equity and diversity policies, please visit

A number of MRS staff are also proud members of the Monash University Ally Program (a support network for LGBTI members of our community) – you can check out the Ally program here

A former resident at MRS has also helped produce a fantastic video as part of the ‘it gets better‘ initiative – helping young people who have faced discrimination because of their sexual identity. which you can watch below: